Thursday, April 30, 2009

Want [Edited]

5 Things That I Want

1. An autoharp *
2. A personal assistant
3. A baby who cuddles
4. A time machine
5. Continual springtime

* So that I can live my 4th grader dream of being World's Greatest Autoharpist

5 Things That I Wanted, Got, and Do Not/Did Not Take Advantage Of

1. A rock tumbler **
2. A husband who cuddles
3. A Palm Pilot thingy ***
4. An MP3 player
5. A treadmill ****

[Edited to add]
6. Sea Monkeys *****
7. A completely manual camera ******

** My husband bought one for me after hearing that I'd always wanted one as a child. It is still in the box because I found out that it takes 24 days of running that thing continually to make tumbled rocks.
*** I ended up giving that confangled gadget away to someone who might appreciate it.
**** Really no explanation needed here. Just thought more asterisks looked impressive.
***** Don't ask me how you would take advantage of sea monkeys, but I didn't.
****** Who knew that actually taking the film to the store for processing would be my downfall. Oh wait, I probably did.


Kim Mailhot said...

This was the best list I have read in a long time ! Funny ! I am still trying to figure out the taking advantage of a sea monkey thing ;-).
Happy Friday !

Connors Family said...

I think we all have lists like that. I wish my dog was cuddly...I think he's got social anxiety. I also had a Palm Pilot once and never used it. Great post!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a fun list to read. The one that stood out the most - a husband who cuddles. We poor moms work so dang hard and I was just thinking for the gazillionth time today that most men just don't get what we do and how much we do. But then, I read that one little note you made and I kick myself for not taking advantage of that one release, that one "everything is okay" embrace, that one I'm here for you right now chance I could have every night - cuddling with my man. So, thank you. I will make sure to take advantage.