Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Collage Artist's Dream

Lately, vintage collage materials have been landing in my lap.

When I was in Indiana a few weeks back, we went into an antiques store and got talking with the woman who works there. She mentioned that someone had just brought a whole box of old greeting cards and a few old photos into the store. They just gave them to the store to see if they could do something with them. The woman asked me if I wanted to look through them and take what I wanted. She ended up giving me the whole batch.

Then when I was home in Kansas, my mom gave me a huge container of stuff for collaging. It's a huge pile of photos, greeting cards, post cards, booklets from just about everywhere on the planet, stamps, ticket stubs, and other miscellaneous stuff. I just sorted through it tonight. It looks more manageable now that it's all divided up.
Here are a few fun samples out of my new stash:
Oh, and I found this booklet from 1939 in another box of stuff that I brought home. It was my great uncle's and is an "interesting" conversation between a priest and a young couple.
AND we went to the flea market where I purchased some vintage sewing patterns and a book from 1934 called Health Stories.
I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with all this stuff yet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art Banner Swap

I had to stay up late, but I finished this art banner for a swap just in the nick of time!

There and Back Again

While home in Kansas, I went through some of my stuff still at my Mom and Dad's house. While digging, I found the photos from my first birthday.

I think my daughter finally has some resemblance to me. When she was born, she looked so much like her Daddy that if I hadn't just pushed her out, I would have wondered if she was mine!

The photo above is about the closest you can get to having two one year olds and their Grandma in the same place at the same time. Harper spent most of the visit teething so she has her hand in her mouth in almost all of the photos. If Harper's hand wasn't in her mouth, her cousin's tongue was sticking out. The girls got along for the most part. I think in this photo they were watching this guy (below) and his antics. We just barely got all the little people in one photo with Grandma, and that was just pure luck.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Would have been nice to have this on the 12th when he filled it out rather than getting it on top of my mail TODAY.

Self Explanatory

We'll see if the birds (or the mailman) think so.

Ode to Our Mailman

United States Poop Surveyors

Thru rain and sleet and even snow
It's still thumbs up, our mails a go!
But if a bird poops on our box,
That's when our mailman says it stops!

- By Mark Sebald
(my father-in-law)

[We found out yesterday (after inquiring) that our mail has been held since Wednesday of last week because we had bird droppings on our mailbox. The mail carrier didn't feel the need to leave us a note or to tell us.]

Monday, May 18, 2009

Harper's New Ride

We got Harper her first real stroller over the weekend. (We were using her car seat with one of those frames with wheels thingies.) I'd say she approves. It's a pretty smooth ride. For the second evening in a row, she's fallen asleep in it on our evening walk. Tonight we just wheeled her right into the house afterwards, and she's still snoozing now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A More Fun Harper Update

Harper now:

  • Crawls really fast

  • Cruises around holding onto the furniture

  • Stands without support for a little while

  • Claps her hands when she's excited or when music is playing

  • Dances a little with the music

  • Makes the right noises for what a kitty, monkey, and tiger say

  • Says Mama and Dada (she always whispers "Dada" when she says it)

  • Says banana ("na-na") and bottle ("ba-ba")

  • Says "uh oh" when she drops something

  • Recognizes several songs

  • Raises her arms when you ask her how big she is

  • Blows back at us if we blow on her face

  • Makes the buzzing bee motion and sound

  • Pinches us (the doctor says this is a good thing... go figure)

  • Opens her mouth and says "ahhhh" if you ask her to

  • Tries to brush her own teeth and will try to brush mine (I think she even asked me to say "ahhhh" today when she had her toothbrush)

  • Seeks out particular toys in her toy basket and brings them to us (she seems to like her books quite a bit)

  • Doesn't eat baby food any more

  • Tries to put on her socks (sort of)

  • Waves "hi" and "bye"

  • Blows kisses (my favorite)

Doctor Visit

Harper did not enjoy her doctor visit this morning. I can't say I blame her. She doesn't even get a sucker.

We might have to hunt for a more child friendly office. The staff are super nice, but it's a typical doctor's office.

Miss Harper weighed 19 pounds, 4 ounces, and she is 30 inches tall. She moved up a little bit on the percentile scale from 5% last time to 10% this time. Still tall and skinny!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harper 05-14-2009

Harper 05-14-2009, originally uploaded by shellypaints.

Just ignore that chatty lady in the pajamas. :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Circus in my head

So I had a couple of hours last night to play. I had a bunch of left over pieces on my desk from Nancy Baumiller's Collage Play with Crowabout collage challenge group. I thought I'd just doodle until I could doodle no more. Actually, I think I could doodle on this at least another hour or two. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Still Bloomin' [Edited with plant names]

Things are still blooming in the backyard. Lots of purple. The first one below is Lamium. It has pretty verigated leaves.
And this one is Salvia. More purple, of course. (Going to have to intermix some other colors!)
This one is Jacob's Ladder. What a surprise, it's purple!This beautiful poppy opened up overnight to stand up to the purple takeover. The bloom is HUGE. At least the size of my hand. There are about twenty other buds/pods on the plant. Oh, but purple did have to make an appearance. The pollen is purple!
Even the weeds are happily-a-bloomin'. :) I have no idea what these are called, but I think weed pretty much sums it up. I did notice that the weeds aren't purple. Maybe they'll have to stay.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Small Detour

I must momentarily derail from my ongoing baby-fest to say:

Why didn't anyone tell me about this?! -->

Birthday Cake - The Aftermath

Birthday Cake - Part 3

Birthday Cake - Part 3, originally uploaded by shellypaints.

Birthday Cake - Part 2

Birthday Cake - Part 2, originally uploaded by shellypaints.

Birthday Cake - Part 1

Birthday Cake - Part 1, originally uploaded by shellypaints.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Harper's First Birthday

Here are some photos of Harper's big day yesterday. I have more (including a video of the actual tearing into the cake - she was so cute!), but will have to post them later on this evening when I have more time.

Harper's narration:
Here's me eating dinner before my party. I had chicken, green beans, pears, and cheese. Don't worry, I saved room for dessert.Here I am checking out my birthday flowers with Mommy.
Here's me all dressed up for my party.Here's me and my cake. It was so yummy!
And here's me with some of my birthday loot.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Harper is ONE today!

Harper 05-06-2009, originally uploaded by shellypaints.

Harper's Big Day

It was a year ago today that we got to meet you, Sweet Girl. What a great year it has been! You've grown so much and kept so busy. You've truly captured our hearts, and even though we didn't think it was possible, we love you even more today than we did when you were born. We're loving what an amazing and funny little personality you have, and we really feel special to get to be the ones who get to be your parents.Look how big you are!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

One year ago today I was trying to swallow down a piece of toast and some oatmeal in preparation for our trip to the hospital for Harper's induction. We were all nervous smiles and anxious chatter, but we were ready. Well, as ready as you can be anyway.

And so the long day began.

To be continued...