Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Collage Artist's Dream

Lately, vintage collage materials have been landing in my lap.

When I was in Indiana a few weeks back, we went into an antiques store and got talking with the woman who works there. She mentioned that someone had just brought a whole box of old greeting cards and a few old photos into the store. They just gave them to the store to see if they could do something with them. The woman asked me if I wanted to look through them and take what I wanted. She ended up giving me the whole batch.

Then when I was home in Kansas, my mom gave me a huge container of stuff for collaging. It's a huge pile of photos, greeting cards, post cards, booklets from just about everywhere on the planet, stamps, ticket stubs, and other miscellaneous stuff. I just sorted through it tonight. It looks more manageable now that it's all divided up.
Here are a few fun samples out of my new stash:
Oh, and I found this booklet from 1939 in another box of stuff that I brought home. It was my great uncle's and is an "interesting" conversation between a priest and a young couple.
AND we went to the flea market where I purchased some vintage sewing patterns and a book from 1934 called Health Stories.
I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do with all this stuff yet.


Lea said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll find something! ;) Fun stuff!

*jean* said...

i love the old children's books with the larger print...what fun to get such a boost to your stash!

Terri Kahrs said...

I definitely think that the hand of fate (and maybe your Muse) had something to do with these gifts! Lucky you! The "date book" is too much! Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Shelly...what a lot of supplies you have on your desk! I'm sure glad you love doing collages and they take a lots of pieces...your stash should give you lots of ideas for quite a while.

Jeanne said...

How wonderful! You certainly were in the right place at the right time at that antique store in Indiana. Good for you. I love that sweet girl in that "Garden of Good Wishes" card. Adorable!