Friday, May 15, 2009

A More Fun Harper Update

Harper now:

  • Crawls really fast

  • Cruises around holding onto the furniture

  • Stands without support for a little while

  • Claps her hands when she's excited or when music is playing

  • Dances a little with the music

  • Makes the right noises for what a kitty, monkey, and tiger say

  • Says Mama and Dada (she always whispers "Dada" when she says it)

  • Says banana ("na-na") and bottle ("ba-ba")

  • Says "uh oh" when she drops something

  • Recognizes several songs

  • Raises her arms when you ask her how big she is

  • Blows back at us if we blow on her face

  • Makes the buzzing bee motion and sound

  • Pinches us (the doctor says this is a good thing... go figure)

  • Opens her mouth and says "ahhhh" if you ask her to

  • Tries to brush her own teeth and will try to brush mine (I think she even asked me to say "ahhhh" today when she had her toothbrush)

  • Seeks out particular toys in her toy basket and brings them to us (she seems to like her books quite a bit)

  • Doesn't eat baby food any more

  • Tries to put on her socks (sort of)

  • Waves "hi" and "bye"

  • Blows kisses (my favorite)


BlueRidgeLady said...

Awww what a sweet picture, her hair looks like it's getting blonder, blow her a kiss for me!

Connors Family said...

What a fun stage that is! They grow up so fast so enjoy!