Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There and Back Again

While home in Kansas, I went through some of my stuff still at my Mom and Dad's house. While digging, I found the photos from my first birthday.

I think my daughter finally has some resemblance to me. When she was born, she looked so much like her Daddy that if I hadn't just pushed her out, I would have wondered if she was mine!

The photo above is about the closest you can get to having two one year olds and their Grandma in the same place at the same time. Harper spent most of the visit teething so she has her hand in her mouth in almost all of the photos. If Harper's hand wasn't in her mouth, her cousin's tongue was sticking out. The girls got along for the most part. I think in this photo they were watching this guy (below) and his antics. We just barely got all the little people in one photo with Grandma, and that was just pure luck.

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Sarah said...

Harper does show some resemblence. I like your 1st birthday picture....you were happy! Then I came along 9 days later!

Glad to here you had a great trip! Perhaps one of these days all the kids will cooperate for a picture for mom.