Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Before I forget

Things have been fairly busy around here. Mostly just trying to keep complete chaos from taking over. A few things to report before any more time goes by and I forget:

A few months ago, I tried to teach Harper how to do the "more" sign language signal. I repeated it for a few days, and then I kind of forgot about it. (Some teacher I am, huh?) In the mornings, I usually give Harper a few bites of my cheerios. Well, on Monday morning, I asked her if she wanted more, and she made the "more" sign! I thought maybe it was just a fluke or something, but when I asked her again on the next bite, she made it again! AND she repeated it Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Crazy.

We went to the zoo on Sunday. (There are pictures that I will post, I promise. As soon as I find out where Doug left the camera when he took it the other day, that is.) Harper was a perfect child, and we all had a lot of fun. She now knows what the tiger, elephant, snake, and of course, the cat say. The tiger is our favorite because Doug taught her a great roar. As soon as she saw the tiger, she roared!

Last "baby" update... we have a teeny, tiny baby rabbit roaming around in the back yard with his parents. He is SOOOO cute! I doubt that I'll get a photo because he's pretty darn skittish. But ridiculously adorable!

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