Friday, July 3, 2009

400+3 and Growing

I missed celebrating my 400th post! Oops. SO, it's a 400+3 post celebration! Woohoo! We're dancin' and singin' around here. Well, mostly Harper. :)
I'm working on a nature journal for an upcoming swap. For once, I'm way ahead of schedule. It's not going out until September! Here's the back and front covers. Continuing with my recent desire to do new artsy things, I made the little NATURE letters out of Sculpty. Once they were formed using a silicone mold and baked, I colored them with a tan permanent marker and then tinted them with watered down brown paint.
I also grew my art area some more. I was getting frustrated from feeling cramped but still wanting all of my supplies at my fingertips. I added one of my IKEA tables from my painting space downstairs and a flea-market bookshelf that was downstairs too.
I've been trying to find a way to display some of the art treasures I've been collecting lately from swaps and Etsy purchases. I had an old rusty piece of gate that I got at the antiques mall in town (which is now sadly closed). I leaned it against the wall on top of the bookcase and used clothespins to clip my pretties onto the gate. Problem solved!
Well, that's it for my 400+3rd post. We're sad it's over...
...but we'll see you soon!


roc said...

love your nature journal cover! it's so beautiful. you did a wonderful job. love your idea for the use of that gate, too! very clever. and look at that precious face...oh my gosh...i want to kiss those cheeks!

Cassandra said...

Oh my goodness, your journal and your daughter are ADORABLE. What a cutie Harper is! My little one is 17 months.

P.S I love your background, and thanks for the kind comments you left me. :)