Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chasing Balloons

We went on our second annual chase balloon landings in your pajamas event. I didn't really explain in my last post that Middletown has an annual hot air balloon event where balloonists compete by dropping flags on marked locations in town. Yesterday we were watching them come in to drop flags, and today we chased them to watch them land. It's kind of crazy... they land all over the place. It's surreal to be driving through town with hot air balloons hovering all over the place and dropping everywhere. We saw one land in the street, and then we drove on to see a few land in a field next to a church parking lot. All of the church goers were arriving for church, and there we were in our pajamas. Oh well, we had fun anyway. :)

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Connors Family said...

That looks like a fun activity! Definitely something you don't see very many places.