Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Your Suggestions Needed


I've been here for a wee bit over a year now.

And it's time to meet some real live people.

Maybe even make a friend (or two {gasp!}).

Do you have any suggestions for where I can meet people?

I'll start by saying, I'm not a mommy and me playgroup kind of girl. I'm sure there are perfectly nice people who do playgroups here, but I honestly don't think I can do it.

I've tried the Gymboree classes for Harper and a class at a scrapbooking store so far. The Gymboree parents seem to all keep to themselves and leave me wondering if people even talk to each other any more. The scrapbooking class was a bust too. There were two people at my table - one woman seemed just plain old mad at her journaling project, and the other woman only responded to direct questions and then went back to working. It didn't help that the instructor felt we needed to be taught how paperclips work.


Where does one find clever, crafty, funny, social, local people who have room in their lives for one more friend?


*jean* said...

hi shelley - i have always had good luck meeting people in odd places...i met one mom at the park where our sons ended up playing together..i've met people at the library, farmer's market, book store, and by myself in community adult ed classes...i also joined a book group with our local women's newspaper...i follow my own interests and figure if i meet people yay, if not, move along to the next thing i like to do...also, you will meet lots of people when your daughter starts you have a local junior college you might be able to take an art class or maybe you could teach something at community ed...or maybe you could take a class in something you've always wanted to do, like a language where everyone is in the same boat...hope these ideas help...hang in there, my fist years home with my son were lonely but taking classes with him helped me meet two very dear friends even though the kids are in different schools, we still go out for lunch once a of them is a stay home dad!! another thing i did was to get a part time waitress job where i worked only saturday nights...not only did this get me out of the house, it connected me with some younger friends whom i still see...keeps me young (er) hope this helps :o)

Lea said...

Maybe at an open house? I was lucky enough to meet a very dear friend that way. ;) Well, aside from you, I'm terrible at making friends! Sorry to hear your scrapbook class was a bust. Sounds kinda awful. Did you make anything fun?

Wishing we lived closer. Big hugs!

Rosemarie said...

So..I too do not do well with the "playdates." Working 5 days a week...the stay-at-home mommies usually don't relate to what I have to talk about...and, when I only get two days off...I really don't want to spend it with that mean of me? Anyway...where to meet friends? My mom always met people at the public swimming pool, the library, and at church. I hope this helps.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh I wish I could help. I must admit, I spent the first several years of my kids' lives as a hermit - all shut away in our house and backyard. I didn't do playdates and mommmy and me groups - didn't even do preschool. Then my son started school and my life was never the same! Oh my gosh - you will meet more people than you ever wanted to and find yourself up to your neck in school volunteering and long for these quiet private days I think! But, if you fear you will go irreversibly insane without some human contact, I would first try some "just you" things - a local art group maybe, the junior collage class sounds fun that jean mentioned, an exercise class (don't say ugh now, like I would - I'm free thinking here), a book club, community center class. Heck, I'm becoming pretty good friends with a guy at the post office I have been there so often in the last few months. Turns out he knows all the cool art galleries around here. You'll just have to keep your eyes open and it will strike you where to meet people how you're comfortable. Wish I lived closer!

Anonymous said...


I look at your blog every once in a while to catch glimpses of my old house and yard!

I told my friend Suzy in Middletown that I thought you two were similar and would like each other! Then I read this post - hmmm.

We both belonged to AAUW which has lots of neat women (Suzy is artistic, a graphic arts major with two young girls) Anyway I think that AAUW is having a member recruiting event in August that I will get you invited to. If nothing else you will get the opportunity to meet some interesting people.

Also, as your daughter gets older you will make more friends when she makes friends. Hang in there. I know transplanting onesself takes a long time to do!

Good luck!

Cindy Grau

Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly,

You know that Suzy chick Cindy was referring to? Well, that's me. She told me to check out your blog. It's funny because even after living in Middletown my entire life (other than college years)it can still be hard to find new friends with similar interests. My family is pretty artsy/crafty. Dad is a freelance graphic designer and my mom is a teacher and Stampin' Up demonstrator. Check me out at or on facebook under Suzy Ashworth Tadych. Maybe we could meet at a park (not a playdate) or grab some coffee sans children. Love your artwork and your daughter is adorable, love the name Harper!

cindy said...

Well, its a darn shame that you live so far away...cause I think we would get along famously. As for making friends in your vicinity, ditto all others here, pursue an interest. Actually, I've met some cool peeps through my blog, and was delighted to find some that live nearby. And work friends, who share the same interest. Never having had children was always a stumbling block, as that can be a common denominator. So, I find those "artfull souls" at work, that have the same interest as me. Good luck. And so happy to have found you (via Flcker), love your artwork.

yapping cat

Connors Family said...

It seems so much harder to make friends as an adult than it did as a child. It's because life always gets in the way! Hang in there! Several years ago my husband got transferred to Iowa then Illinois and I was a stay at home mom with two little kids to run after. It did get very lonely and seemed like I would never meet new friends! But it did happen when my oldest one started school. Just keep your head up! You never know when a friend will appear!