Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remember us?

Yes, we're still alive.

Harper and I went to Pennsylvania to visit my sister and her family over the weekend with my Mom and Dad. Harper was a pretty good little traveler.

Mom and Dad are here visiting until the end of the week.

While we were in PA, I let someone cut off Harper's hair. I am so sorry, dear baby. I did not know that woman was going to chop off your hair and make all of us cry. It will grow, sweet girl. I promise.

Before the PA trip, I went to the emergency room. That little trip was kind of the beginning of my blogging lapse. I was having some abdominal pain for a couple of days and finally went to a doctor. That doctor sent us to the emergency room convinced that I needed to have my appendix out. The ER doctor thought there was a good probability that needed to happen too and ordered a CT scan. Thank goodness for modern technology because it turned out to be only a burst cyst on my ovary. After a couple more days of pain and fatigue, I was pretty much back to normal. Here is a really bad photo of me with bad hair and no makeup in the ER. Looks like I let the same woman who cut Harper's hair cut my hair.

And now I am feeling a little bit under the weather with the sniffles. I'm hoping that whatever it is, it is short lived. I'd like to get back to things being a wee bit more normal around here.


Lea said...

I was literally JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU. I logged on to Blogger and there you were! I'm glad you made it home safe. Enjoy your family visit and I hope you feel better SOON!

Lea said...

P.S. Poor Harper's hair. :( She's still cute though!

cindy said...

Awwwwww, her poor hair, but yeah, it will grow back. Why would anyone want to have cut that lovely hair? And I hope you get better. Glad they found it before they did anything major...LOL...sometimes going to the Doc is scarier in more ways than one. LOL. Take it easy and get better.

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