Friday, September 18, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

County Fair Time

This girl would have climbed right in with the cows if we had let her.

She also now says "animals" but it sounds like amm-mi-mull.

I haven't given much of an update lately on what Harper's up to, so I guess this is as good a place as any. Poor girl is going to have to live with her virtual baby book because this is the best I can manage!

Harper's "words" at 16 months: Harper (Haa-paaa), apple, book, animal, baby, bubble, hi-ya, bye bye, mama, dada, more, ball, banana (nan-naaa), march (this one sounds just like ma, so you have to see the accompanying high stepping to go along with it), "that" (a multi-purpose word she uses with pointing), ba ba (bottle), up, down, go, MaMa (Grandma - accompanied by pointing so I know it's Grandma and not me), PaPa (Grandpa), MeMe (Grammy), PaPaw (distinctly different than PaPa for my dad) often followed by huh-huh-huh laughing because that's what PaPaw does, Jack (for her favorite Jack's Big Music Show), TV (bee bee), and Yippeeeeeee!

Harper's animal sounds at 16 months: Animal sounds for cow (lately occasionally with do-do-do singing for the Hershey singing cows), sheep, wolf, duck, chicken (doo-doo-dooooo for the rooster), frog, bird, pig (sounds like nock-nock), horse, snake

Harper's antics and activities at 16 months: climbing stairs, opening and closing cabinet doors, running outside, standing on her tippy-toes to reach things, asking for a book at bottle time, spinning around to get dizzy, stacking blocks (a recent activity - she was only content to knock them down until lately), "singing", dancing, getting the TV remote and clicking her tongue or saying Jack to try to get us to let her watch her favorite show, twirling her finger in the air at the ceiling fan if it isn't on, points at her mouth and says "mmmmmm" if she's hungry

Harper knows where: her hair, ears, teeth, tongue, toes, belly, and nose are

Harper's favorite foods: bananas, strawberries, apples (the diced, cooked baby kind), pears, french toast with syrup, cheese, applesauce

Harper tolerates these foods because we keep putting them on the tray: pasta with red sauce and veggies, toast, cheerios, ham, turkey, yogurt

Harper will not eat: anything breaded or not of a distinct shape, anything spoon fed to her unless she's in the mood

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look Who's 90!

My sweet, sweet grandmother (AKA Grandma Freckles)... that's who's 90! She celebrated her big milestone with friends and family today. We couldn't go, but sent a card and a photo of Miss Harper. We're thinking about you on your special day Grandma!