Friday, December 4, 2009

Life is a Whirlwind

[I apologize in advance for the image-heavy post, but we have a lot to catch up on!]

Where does the time go?

November was a whirlwind of travelling to Kansas and Washington for business trips and grandparent visits and then an overwhelming amount of work since then.

Here's Miss Harper in the Cincinnati airport eating one of her new favorites - pretzel sticks. We had quite an airport/airplane adventure which included lots of fun getting through security (I forgot to take off my shoes) and then lots of Harper wrangling. Oh yes, and the leaky diaper on the airplane. I had managed to pack tons of toys and entertainment, but no extra clothes. What was I thinking?
Poor Miss Harper got off of the airplane in only a sweater, socks, diaper and blanket. Fortunately I had stuffed her pajamas into the top my suitcase just before we left, so I managed to extract those from the suitcase once we retrieved it. Harper didn't sleep on the airplane, so she crashed for the ride in the rental car from Kansas City to Hiawatha.Harper got to play tea party with her cousin Brookelyn. They liked each other for the first day at least. Then Harper played with her cousin Zach (Brookelyn's big brother), and Brookelyn wasn't so sure she liked that at all.Halloween in Hiawatha and the kiddie parade was full of ups and downs, but mostly a success. Harper would have liked to wander out into the street with parade and was a wee bit upset when we wouldn't let her.Harper hanging out in Grandpa's chair "reading".Harper laughing because Grandpa put a napkin on her head. Then my Mom, Harper and I set out on our adventure from Kansas to Washington. Harper made a new friend at the airport with a little guy who was born just a few days after she was. He ran; Harper chased. It seems too early to chat with my little girl about not chasing after boys. Looks like we're in for trouble.We got to see some of our favorite people! Here's Harper with Aunt Lea and Uncle Dave at the mexican restaurant. Harper was keeping the whole restaurant entertained.
Harper got used to spending lots of time in cars and airplanes. Well, maybe not completely used to it, but at least we got better at it each time.
Somehow I didn't manage to get a photo of Harper with Grandma and Grandpa, so I had to go dig this one up from their trip out to visit us in September. (Harper, I'm still sorry about the haircut.)

That brings us up to now. Life has been busy, but we've been sure to stop and watch how fast Miss Harper is growing up. She's getting more independent and likes to hang out. She has quite a sense of humor which seems to range from Three Stooges "nose honkers" that her Grandpa Mark taught her about to thinking that the cat's tail is pretty darn funny.She likes to sing and chatter.And sometimes she stumbles and falls down, but she's usually quick to get over it.We put up the Christmas tree (the only decorating that's going to happen around here for the holidays, I'm afraid), and Harper is pretty entertained by it. One of her favorite words is "ball", so having a tree covered in them is good stuff in her world.She's growing up before our very eyes. And we're trying to soak it all in.


myprettyones said...

Loved this! She's such a doll. :) I think she gets it from her Momma!

Rosemarie said...

I love her piggy tails!!! We watched your video...and Joseph laughed so hard we had to play it several times to get the full effect. :)