Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh, Miss Harper + Harper Translated

Sometimes when I ask Harper to smile for a picture, I get this...
And sometimes I get this...
Here's Harper's latest words and the translation...
Pail = Pretzel
Paul = Puddle
Ny-Ny = Blanket (her night-night blankets)
Cho = Cheerios
Gwee Bee = Green Beans
To = Toast
Bree = Tree
Tar = Star
And I swear she was yodeling this morning. She says "A-B-C", and sometimes if you say "N", she says "O-P". If she sees a heart or you ask where her heart is, she pats her chest and says "bub-bub". (Ok, I admit, that's more of a trained monkey trick - our fault, of course.)
She will also repeat almost anything you say, so watch it!
P.S. Thanks for the box, Aunt Joy and Uncle Tedd! :)


myprettyones said...

Love the smiles! And the word translations! I bet Gwee Bee is the cutest thing EVER. :)

*jean* said...

ooo she is darling! these pics bring back memories of my little boy, riding in his car (which was a plastice storage bin that we drew on to make it look like a car) and playing in his fort, the cardboard two toys were loved as much...
happy holidays, shelley