Sunday, December 13, 2009


Life has been kicking my butt lately. Despite the workload that makes me want to cry if I think about it too hard [Don't worry... I've got killer coping mechanisms that as of yet do not include alcohol amazingly enough], there has been so much going on that I want to share that I decided just now to stop and get it out there before I build up any more!

With that said, we have to go ALLLLL the way back to October again so I can tell you about some awesome treasures.
In October, we were driving the 11 hour drive to Alabama to visit the beach, and we were about 20 miles from our destination when I spotted an antiques store with a globe sitting outside along with some other furniture on display. I made some kind of "OooOOooOO, A GLOBE!" exclamation along with a "Can we stop??!!" We didn't stop, but Doug did make a promise that we could go back and check it out on another day. He lived up to the promise, and after some hunting around the store (it wasn't outside this time), there was THE globe. Better yet, it was huge and metal and all kinds of cool. And just to top that - it was only $18. "It's MINE, ALL MINE!", I exclaimed. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It's just plain enormous, and hand detailed and wonderful. On our way out, we asked the owner where he had found the globe, and he said that his brother found it in a dumpster at a nearby school that was being demolished. Sad for the school, but YIPPEE FOR ME!
We celebrated my 37th birthday on our beach vacation. My husband coordinated a wonderful surprise for me - an autoharp. See this post for background about why this is such a sweet and thoughtful surprise. I'm enjoying learning how to play when I can. Once it was tuned, there wasn't much to making it sound nice, now it's just the making it sound like an actual song that's the work.
Next on our list of fun-ness, here's a photo of our tree.
It looks pretty good, but it will look better with presents under it!
Doug and Mark painted the entryway and the living room while Harper and I were gone to KS and WA, and it looks SOOOO much better.
Inspired by the new paint, I finally started putting up some photos on the wall. I have a little grouping up now, but the plan is to cover the WHOLE WALL. You can't see it so well in the photo, but I'm going to intermix vinyl wall lettering with the photos to break it up a bit. So far we have "dream" up on the wall.
Yesterday I took a break from the madness and went shopping at the antiques mall and at IKEA. A perfect day of rustic and modern - my favorites. I brought home some interesting finds (yep, linen covered mannequin included) to decorate our front entry ledge. Right now Elisabeth (the mannequin - her name is on her neck) is resting in the front entry waiting to be moved up to her new perch along with the suitcases and who knows what else.The chair below is just about the only thing I didn't buy, but I so covet it. We're headed towards a black, white and neutral color scheme around here. I was going to do a whole bright color scheme, but then we went on a historic home tour last weekend and I fell in LOVE with one of the interiors that had mostly black/white/neutral colors. SO... how long before I go back for the chair, I wonder?And finally, I can't leave our biggest treasure out of my update. She's so cute and so grown up that some days it literally hurts. [Sorry for the horribly lit, blurry photos - 19 month olds don't exactly wait around for you to adjust the lighting. They don't exactly hold still long either.]

Harper seems to understand so many new things lately and new words are popping up left and right.

Lately she demands, "Draw! Draw!" or a slightly less understandable "Color! "Color!" (sounds the same as her word for towel to me) and forces a crayon or piece of chalk into your hand. We're working on politeness, but we're realizing that in her mind it's kind of a separate subject. We ask her to say "Please" and she refuses, but whenever we're done with the activity, if you ask her to say "Please", she says, "Peeeees" without any trouble.

She got five little tops while we were in Kansas, so another favorite is "Top! Top!"

She has a word for "sun" that I really couldn't begin to spell, but it's the same word every time. Some of her new words: balloon, tree, cup, cat, tray (from her high chair). I love listening to her baby babble when she's playing by herself. I can only imagine what she's pontificating over.

She still says all the old words/names: One of the funniest to me though is still how she talks about Papaw Mark. We go through all of our names, Mama, Dada, Grammy (MiMi), Grandma, Grandpa, and then when we get to Papaw, she says, "Papawwwww" and does this guffawing-chuckling thing that Mark always does. Never fails to entertain.

Anything that resembles a purse - pretty much anything with a handle long enough including buckets gets hitched over her arm and carried around. She loves to collect things and then take them out.

That's it for me for the moment. Back to work!!

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