Thursday, January 21, 2010

Computer Savvy

The other day, Harper, Ruby and I were in my office. Ruby and I were talking and Harper was playing with a basket of art stuff (poker chips, wood shapes and other miscellany). While we were talking, the computer switched over to the screen saver. Harper very matter-of-factly walked right over to the computer and moved the mouse to "wake up" the computer. She headed back to play. She noticed that we were pretty impressed, so she had to move the mouse seventeen more times to try to get the same reaction.

This morning I wanted to capture it on video, so I prompted her to fix the computer. She went straight over and moved the mouse again. Funny girl. (Video posted soon)

Also in Harper world...
She is still so fascinated with letters. When we went shopping the other day, she was excited to see all the "B"s and "P"s in huge letters on the fronts of the stores. She regularly impresses us by bringing us blocks and telling us the letter. She has A, B, C, O, and Y pretty much down. Every once in a while she surprises me with an accurate J or M block.

More Harper translations...
Yite = Light
Ho = Pillow
Cha = Chair
Laptop = Laptop :)
Faw = Phone

Harper's words...
She can also say: socks, pants, shirt, laundry, clothes, block, again, toast, apple, dip, cheese, green bean, spoon, puddle, wet, potty, wash, hands, elbow, knee, toes, hair, ears, eyes, teeth, belly, read, book.
[Edited 1/24 - forgot some words] bunny, hop, hippo, elephant (sounds like ell-pan), giraffe (sounds like jaff), mouse, cat, kitty, puppy, draw, ride, block, ball, kick, eat, play, nose.

Oh, and she yodels. Really. It's something like this: Yo yo yo yo yo yo eee who. With an emphasis on the hee part.

Yet she still refuses to say diaper. She's heard that word multiple times per day since she was born, but still won't say it.

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