Thursday, January 28, 2010

P.S. on letters and numbers (below)

So last night Harper was trying to "help" Daddy with the computer, so we decided to load up this cool little program called BabySmash that I found out about from a co-worker. The program lets your child press all the keys on the keyboard to see letters/numbers/shapes without messing up your computer.

Anyway... Doug loaded up BabySmash, and Harper started calling out the letters he typed. She was so darn accurate that I decided to go get the camera. We were pretty surprised by how many of them she knew.

Then he tried the numbers... it blew us away that she knew any at all.

We haven't really been trying to teach her letters or numbers. (Anyone who knows us knows that we just don't have that kind of energy.) We just tell her what letter she has in her hand (on blocks and Dr. Seuss letter cards from Grandma), and we draw letters on the chalkboard sometimes. She just really seems to love them and gravitates towards wanting to know what they are.

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