Sunday, February 21, 2010

Veggies? Blech!

So we're not generally a veggie loving family. Harper really started off on the right track eating peas, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, and squash, but she's slowly rejected them all except for the few green beans that she will occasionally accept.

I'm trying a different approach around here. I hunted the grocery store for just about any food that I could find that seemed like a clever way to incorporate vegetables. (I'm skipping tofu and veggie hot dogs for the moment.) Oh, and ways to add protein too, because Harper won't eat much meat either.

So, in addition to Harper's usual toast, cheese, crackers, bananas, apples, pears, and strawberries (oh, and five green beans) diet, we're attempting to add:

Horizon Natural Little Blends Yogurt in Strawberry and Carrot
This one took a bit of adjusting for Harper. She made lots of whining noises when I put just the yogurt in front of her. But when I threw her favorites in there - strawberries and bananas - she had to try the yogurt to get to her fruit. She seems to be getting used to the idea.

v8 Pomegranate & Blueberry juice with Vegetables
This one was an outright one sip and rejected. We'll try again.

Double protein Brownberry bread
Harper has been eating only whole wheat breads since we introduced them, so this one wasn't a challenge at all.

So that's all I've managed to try so far for Harper. Now for Mommy's turn. I can tolerate vegetables, but I don't seek them out. Until now. In the refrigerated section at Kroger, I found this ginger dressing like what they use at Japanese hibachi restaurants, and I tried throwing some vegetables (broccoli, carrot, and red pepper) into the microwave with the dressing. And I LOVE them. Between the v8 fruit/veggie juice and my ginger veggie lunch, I may have even gotten three servings of vegetables so far today. That may qualify as a miracle.

Now for Daddy's turn. So far we've taste tested Flat Earth's Tomato Basil veggie chips that have a 1/2 serving of vegetables per 17 chips (1 serving). And so far, they're passing the test. Now if I could just find a tasty one that had green vegetables in it. The Tomato Basil ones only have tomato and carrot in them, I think. I saw sweet potato chips, but Doug will actually eat sweet potatoes in other ways, so that didn't seem like much of a win.

I'll keep looking. If anyone out there has some really tasty (and hidden) ways of getting their family to eat vegetables, let me know!


The Tripp Family said...

hi! Rosemarie let me know about your plight w/ veggies. There are a few things we've done around here. Broccoli smoothies, zucchini mini muffins, carrots in baked goods too. tomato sauce on pizza counts too :) and I hide veggies under the cheese sometimes. I try to use sauce w/out sugar though. Mine do eat smart dogs but I don't want them to have tons of soy so that's difficult. They also love morningstar farms sausage patties (the links are gross). I love the tomato basil pizza and black bean patties. Mine have started to eat steamed broccoli. The older one eats raw veggies as long as he has lawry's season salt to dip them in. He'll take a bite of anything with 'dip'. Neither of them will eat ranch dressing, but that works for a friend. Another friend swears her daughter will eat any cooked veggie if she puts a little butter on it. By far, though, the saving grace for my sanity when it came to getting the kids to eat veggies and protein were the broccoli smoothies. Here's what is in them: light blackberry or mixed berry yogurt, cottage cheese, vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen broccoli florets (you can hide other veggies in there too, I only did 2 at a time max, or you can taste them too much - i.e. spinach, zucchini, peas, sweet potatoes), fat free cottage cheese (for more protein), apple, banana, sometimes oatmeal, honey or stevia, and water/ice cubes. My husband would make a big batch every morning and he & my son would drink them. I didn't care for it. My daughter likes it too. We have also frozen it into popsicles.

As far as the V8, I've heard the other flavors are better than the blueberry pom.

They both love the steamfresh sugar snap peas. I just try to put something green on their plate at every meal so they're used to seeing it. After I started doing that, they started eating non-hidden veggies more often. Good luck!

The Tripp Family said...

here the link to where I blogged about our shakes and shake pops. Also, anything that Joshua can pick out of the back yard garden, he will take a bite of. Thank goodness I stopped him before he bit into a jalapeno last summer!! During the winter, I have been known to tall him that I picked something from the backyard if he is hesitant about eating it.

Wanderer said...

Check out Jerry Seinfeld's wife's cookbook (her name is Jessica, I think). I tried out some of the recipes to see if I could incorporate more veggies in our diet and they are really good! The mac n' cheese is great with the cauliflower puree (you don't taste it at all) and there are many more. Try it!