Saturday, August 28, 2010

Big Girl!

I've figured out that all my posts from now until Harper is married (at 30, of course) will say, "Harper is growing up just too fast."

She and I can have little back and forth conversations now that are just pretty entertaining. Well, entertaining to her Mama at least. She has likes and dislikes that she can verbalize. She knows about so many things that she sometimes surprises me with telling me something that I didn't think she knew. She notices every airplane in the sky. She knows the names of shapes that make me smile... oval, pentagon, octagon (and all the usuals). She asks for the same movies over and over again like every toddler, but she can also handle a switch to a new movie if I can't take the old one any more. She understands emotions - sad, happy, scary. So far she doesn't really understand mad which kind of makes me happy. She's a fairly good listener. She sleeps in a bed without sides now. She and I tackled taking the crib sides off one morning, and she was so excited when it was done. She kept saying (in super high voice), "I like my little bed! I like my little bed!" while getting in and out of it over and over. The only wrinkle to that plan was yesterday morning when she locked herself in. I started trying to figure out how to unlock the door with the innards of a pen, but then I asked her if she saw the little button on the doorknob. She said "Yes," and when I asked her to turn it, she did! I'm not sure if that will always work, so we're working on changing the knob. She still likes the outdoors more than I can understand. She talks about the sun and moon and stars and sky and day and night and sunny and dark. She likes storms. Really likes them. She likes a few more foods than she used to. I finally got her to try oatmeal, and in her words, "I like it! I like oatmeal!" She recognizes her name when she sees it. She also recognizes the word water, but only because she sees it on the sidewalk every 50 feet where there's a water shutoff. She made her first painting on canvas (will share when I remember to take a photo). She picked the colors and told me when she was "all done" with each one. She likes dresses and bracelets and girly stuff. I don't know how that happened. But she also loves Buzz Lightyear at the same time, so I guess we're not too far gone into girly. Unless what she's telling me that she has a crush on Buzz in which case we have a problem on our hands. Her bedtime routine is a kiss, a hug, a knucklebump, and a high five. My goodness, I love this girl. She's even more awesome than I had hoped for.

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myprettyones said...

With a Mama like you, she HAS to be awesome! :) This totally made me cry. I love to hear about all the things she's doing and especially loved your good night routine! Miss you guys...