Monday, October 25, 2010


Friday, October 15, 2010

I want to remember...

I don't know why this little conversation with Harper this morning is significant... I just know I want to remember. To remember our little moments...

A few days ago, she learned how to open her bedroom door (and that she could stand on her bed to turn on the light switch). This morning I was reading in bed, so this morning when she opened her door she came in there. Here's our conversation:

Harper: Wake up. (while trying to pull off my covers)
Me: I need to stay in bed to sleep. (kidding, of course - I'd been up since 6)
Harper: You HAVE to.
Me: Why do I have to get out of bed?
Harper: We need to go downstairs.
Me: What are we going to do downstairs?
Harper: Look at new carpet.
Me: Are we going to do anything else?
Harper: Watch Umizoomi with the train.
Me: Anything else?
Harper: You get out of bed now. We go downstairs.

So I got up. :) That's it. Don't know why I felt a need to write this down. Probably something about her growing up. It seems like she's grown up a lot over the last few weeks. She has these funny little conversations with herself and with us. She does things like put on my shoes, and then says, "I'm Mama now! I'm not Harper. I'm Mama!" She also put on the play stethoscope from Rebecca and Emmet and said, "I'm a doctor." I like that she's pretending.

She's been testing boundaries too. Trying to see if she can get away with not listening when we ask her to do things. We've had our little moments of having to explain that she can't hit/bite/kick/yell at us. Sometimes those moments are frustrating, and sometimes they're funny. A few times when I told her she cannot hit, she says, "And no yelling, Mama." The list of things that are "not nice" will probably get longer before it gets shorter.

She's pretty obsessed with Team Umizoomi. She follows along with what they ask her to do, and as of the last few days, she sometimes repeats each sentence after the characters say something.

It still seems like she only eats about 10 foods, but they're all healthy foods, so I don't worry too much about it. She's very interested in talking about the foods that we eat (that she doesn't), but she refuses to try them. She actually gags a little bit just smelling certain foods. Actually right now she's trying to feed me part of her bagel, and is insisting "It's good! It's goooood!" I guess she's taking her cues from us.

Time to go get my own breakfast before Harper force feeds me any more bagel. :)