Monday, November 15, 2010

A Long Overdue Update.

Kind of working in reverse chronological order:

Doug got a new toolbox, so Harper got a new "house". Hello, Harper!
We dressed up in our finest to go pony riding. "Good pony," says Harper.Harper spent some time playing in the fall leaves. Papaw Mark took lots of good photos.While I was gone for a work trip, Harper had a fun Halloween. This photo kind of breaks my heart - seeing her interact with pre-school kids like a big girl just makes her seem too grown up too fast. Her first variation of cowgirl costume... This was the day she said she didn't want to be a cowgirl, she wanted to be Harper. I think she warmed up to the idea of being a cowgirl when she saw the other kids all dressed up.The second variation of the cowgirl costume... Mimi Ruby said that Harper said, "Thank you very much" when she got candy. Sad I missed that too.Harper likes to put on her "fancy" dresses. Whenever we put one one, she says, "I am beautiful! I am beautiful!" while spinning around in circles. This photo below I'm holding for blackmail someday if Harper tells me that I don't know anything about style. ;) The special bow on top was her idea.
I'll try to post updates more often. Right now we're enjoying being busy around here. Harper has been painting, playing with Play-Doh, drawing, and generally keeping busy. Her favorite movie of this very moment is Snow White, but Toy Story is still at the very top of her list, I think.
If she bumps into one of us, she says, "Sorry about that." which we think is just pretty stinking cute.
She's trying to learn to use the potty, but it's slow going. Mostly she uses it right now as a stall tactic before going to bed. What she doesn't know is that Mommy is about to move her bedtime up a half hour to account for all the stalling. :) Actually, last night she tried everything she had in her repertoire to try to not go to bed - "I need to eat... I'm hungry. No, I not go to bed, I use the potty." and even "I want to sleep with you... I want to cuddle." That last one was new. She's not really a cuddler, but I think she knows I'm trying to turn her into one.

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myprettyones said...

Such a smart girl! I love the "I want to cuddle". She knows the way to Mama's heart! LOL!

Thanks for the update. Always love seeing photos of your beautiful girl. Miss you guys...