Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I might be programming this kid right...

Just now over our morning oatmeal:

Harper: Are you happy, Ma?
Me: Yes. Are you happy, Harper?
Harper: Yes.
Me: What makes you happy?
Harper: Mama makes me happy.
Me: Thanks, Harper! You make me happy too.
Harper: You're welcome, Ma.

Seriously, what this kid does just makes me smile.

As an aside, she also talks to all sorts of inanimate objects now. For example: "Thank you for helping me eat my oatmeal, Spoon." According to Mimi, she befriended a speck named Baby Toothpaste yesterday. "Do you like my blankie, Baby Toothpaste? You do? Grandma made this blankie. She can make you one too."

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