Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's going to be good with the bad, right? Right??

Our little stinker has reached a rotten egg phase. The hitting, yelling, throwing, testing all the boundaries phase. {Sigh}

When she gets in trouble, she wants the whole story recounted to Daddy. Harper: Tell Daddy about how I threw the pasta and had a time out.

So, some funny and sweet Harper stuff to remind me of the good...

- Instead of saying "nothing," Harper says "anything". Example- Mama: What do you want to drink Harper? Harper: Anything (meaning, I don't want anything)

- Applesauce is still pronounced "Appleboss".

- "You are berry weltum." = You are very welcome (She may be a stinker, but she's still polite.)

- "I see La Tour Eiffel in Paree." (Paris) = every cell phone tower she sees

- "There's my silver (red/black/white/etc) friend." = all the cars on the road

And finally, my favorite...

- "I lub you."

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