Monday, February 27, 2012


Things that Harper does that are awesome:
  • Encourages like a little cheerleader "You can do it, Mama!"
  • Gives praise "You did so awesome, Daddy!"
  • Seems to prefer kids TV shows that we can tolerate like Octonauts and Jack's Big Music Show (we'll try to forget that brief Dora phase)
  • Loves science and studying the human body
  • Learned to snuggle (the kid was born curious, not cuddly)
  • Takes deep breaths when she gets upset
  • Sings off key
  • Says things she hears like "It's no use. I'm doomed."  (From Octonauts flying fish episode.)
  • Has a zillion imaginary friends (Nana, Belle, Bone Girl, Muscle Girl...)
  • Gives huge hugs and sometimes even gives kisses

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